Insulin Pen Needle

With premium key material and continuous innovation, VerifineTM Insulin Pen Needle is determined to provide Comfort, Safety and more options to Diabetics.

• Triple facet bevel needle for a gentle and Min. puncture for Max. injection comfort
• Silicone lubricant coating on insulin pen for smooth injection
• Non-Toxic, non-Pyrogenic needle for guaranteed safety
• Optional size and fit major brands injection pens

VerifineTM Insulin Pen Needle

• Needle Diameter30G(0.3mm)
• Needle Length8 mm

VerifineTM Insulin Pen Needle

• Needle Diameter 31G (0.25mm)
• Needle Length 6 mm

VerifineTM Insulin Pen Needle

• Needle Diameter31G(0.25mm)
• Needle Length8 mm

VerifineTM  Insulin Pen Needles are also available for below models:
31G*4mm   31G*5mm
30G*10mm  29G*12mm

For better choosing the right models of VerifineTM Insulin Pen Needles for personal use, kindly refer to your healthcare advisors or doctors.